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CryptoBLK Limited
Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Financial Services

CryptoBLK was founded in 2017 by a team of passionate technology professionals. The aim was to create an enterprise that provides Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), empowering various businesses to thrive in this fast-moving world. Our team hailed from a FinTech team from Hong Kong’s largest government subvention research and development center (Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute), equipping us with a proven track record of building Blockchain technologies.


Fast-forward to today, you will discover that CryptoBLK has the complete set of DLT software development, deployment and operation capabilities, and is specialized in building enterprise grade DLT systems and applications, especially in trade finance, supply chain and logistics, InsurTech (Insurance Technology), Central Bank-issued Digital Currency (CBDC), payment and settlement (e.g. Delivery-vs-Payment, bond repo) and crypto-tokens or tokenization for the transformation to digital assets.


We set our vision to revolutionizing the global markets with Blockchain and Cryptography. Our new mission is to empower companies to unleash their Web3 potential through blockchain technology and to create a trusted digital ecosystem.


CryptoBLK is currently headquartered in Hong Kong, with Singapore and Thailand offices. We pride ourselves in the delivery of DLT software solutions to major clients across the globe and locally, receiving recognition as R3’s International Technology Partner, HSBC’s Blockchain Delivery Partner, IBM Global Entrepreneur Member, and the Technology Partner for the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers.