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Chinasoft International Technology Service (Hong Kong) Limited
Central and Western, Hong Kong
Information Technology and Services
Chinasoft International Limited (CSI)is a leading global software and information technology services enterprise. Founded in the year 2000, it is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since its listing in 2003, the company has achieved a compound annual revenue growth rate of 28.7%. In 2022, the company's revenue exceeded 20 billion RMB. Currently, the company employs over 70,000 staff members and provides services to 47 countries and regions. It has consistently ranked among the top 100 in Gartner's ""Global IT Services Market Share"" for five consecutive years, with its latest ranking at 73. Additionally, it has been ranked among the top 100 Chinese software and information services comprehensive competitiveness enterprises for multiple years, ranking 12th in 2023. The company positions itself as a ""Digital Transformation Services Expert"" and has long-term relationships with numerous well-known domestic and international large enterprises, as well as high-growth potential clients. It uses the cloud as a core engine to drive its core businesses, including the AIGC Model Factory, JointPilot Application Platform, MetaERP/Toolchain/Digital Transformation Consulting, Intelligent Internet of Things, and Digital Twins (KaihongOS). This forms a ""1+3"" business framework that covers various industries, such as finance, telecommunications, internet, high technology, automotive, manufacturing and distribution, transportation ports, energy, and government. The company continuously builds a business framework that is characterized by quality, value, and meaning. The company closely follows the national technology development strategy, focusing on the development of the key information infrastructure industry and leading the development of the domestic Internet of Things industry. It engages in independent innovation and domestic replacements in fields such as financial technology, intelligent automotive, cloud intelligence, smart cities, and enterprise EAS (Enterprise Application Software). With sincerity and a solid foundation, with determination and perseverance, our core values are rooted in hard work, customer success, creation, sharing, and mutual growth. Chinasoft International will continue to innovate in conjunction with next-generation artificial intelligence technology, driving continuous improvement and efficiency in our business operations. We are committed to advancing towards becoming a technology-focused core innovation software services provider in the information technology industry, contributing to China's leadership in the global digital society and digital economy construction!
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