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Have you ever dreamt of having an “Amazing Life”? No doubt, everyone wants their life amazing. This is our business philosophy in establishing this fascinating platform to add more colors (and texture) to your work life - which takes up two-thirds of your time. We believe Amazing Recruitment (AR) and Amazing Life (AL) work hand in hand, and our platform is established to enable you to enjoy life in full. One distinctive feature of our consultancy service is our target group, as we put as much attention to our HR clients and to our Job Seeker clients. Our geographical boundary not limit to our homeland, Hong Kong. We have connections in Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Have you ever imagined you can become the master of your work? There is always a doorway which leads you to be a better you, and to have a better life. Life is like a novel which composes of different chapters. It might be dull for the first few chapters, but you never know it will become more interesting and amazing in the next unless you continue reading. We believe knowledge, transmits through coaching and active learning, helps a person to grow. There is a popular saying which says the altitude of your mind determines how far you can go. You may ask, “How much further I can, and I want to go? Not only job seekers need to tune their mind to set their goal higher, employers also need to adjust the wavelength to enhance their chances in getting the right-fit candidate. Overall recruitment standard improves only when both bars are raised, and magic will not happen when changes only made on one side. This explains why our target group covers both. Our platform is built around the following areas, which is the fundamental part of ARAL's core value. - Sharpen the saw - Unbounded thinking - Think win win - Give back to the community - Enjoy the work. Enjoy the life Website: Licence No.: 74030