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Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong

Christian Action was established in 1985 as a Hong Kong registered charitable organisation. Our mission is to serve those who are poor, disadvantaged, marginalised, displaced or abandoned, aiming to give them hope, dignity and self-reliance.

In Hong Kong:

Social Services & Humanitarian Programmes - To provide services to the disadvantaged, such as low-income families, ethnic minorities, refugees, deprived children and families, and migrant domestic workers.

Training Services - To provide training and job placement service to the low income families and unemployed. We also provide on-the-job training for corporate employees.

Social Enterprises and sustainability - We have opened Community Sales Outlets, as well as Green Connect, an upcycling business that promotes recycling. We have also opened a florist, the olive leaf.

In China:

Christian Action initially chose to work in Qinghai because it is one of the *poorest and most disadvantaged provinces in China. Its people experience long and harsh winters, a cycle of debilitating poverty, and a lack of access to basic necessities such as healthcare, education and infrastructure. Although progress has been seen in Qinghai during recent years, many places are still undeveloped and many children continue to be in need.

Our ministry in Qinghai began in 1997. Now, after more than 20 years of work there, Christian Action has constructed numerous rural clinics as well as schools and winter homes for Tibetans who live in poverty, has provided financial aid to students and medical services to those in need, and is now currently co-managing five children's homes.

*Because the Gross Domestic Product of Qinghai in 2018 (CNY 28,652,300,000) contributes to about 0.31% of the entire countrys economy, it is considered to be one of the poorest provinces and is ranked 31 out of 32. (source: