Cyberbay Careers

Southern, Hong Kong
Technology, Information and Media

Founded in 2022, Cyberbay is a fast growing Hong Kong startup incubating by Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Programme. Our community of cyber talent combines innovative digital thinking with strong, independent capabilities, to provide cybersecurity solutions which help organisations to be safe and compliant.

By participating in Cyberbay, you are helping to greatly improve the lives of millions people and make their digital experience safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Your contributions could help enterprises save money while discovering vulnerabilities they can fix before impacting their customers.

On the other hand, we are an innovative bug bounty marketplace to allows enterprises to tap into a large pool of highly skilled ethical hackers and digital experience specialists, who will perform detailed and unbiased quality testing while rewarding them with bounty. From basic to advanced offerings, we help you not only create your project and get started but also provide the opportunity to work with like-minded people with a range of skillsets to learn from or innovate together.

Our core values are to have fun, promote learning and sharing information. We aim to make the digital world a safer place, while gives researchers and bounty hunters a way to use their skills for good, proving that with your trusted security partner, you're never alone.

Cyberbay's mission is to change the game for cybersecurity professionals, enterprises with the aim to limit illegal cyber trade in the Dark Web. We innovate and improve the connections among the ecosystems to form a trusted digital space.