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STEM Marketing Assistant
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Job Description
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Company Benefit

Hands-on experience: Interns at a 3D printing company have the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience working with cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies.

Learning and skill development: Interns receive training and guidance to enhance their knowledge and skills in 3D printing, including software operation, design principles, material selection, and troubleshooting.

Collaboration with experts: Interns often collaborate with experienced professionals in the field, allowing them to learn from industry experts and gain insights into real-world applications of 3D printing.

Access to state-of-the-art equipment: Interns have access to advanced 3D printers, scanners, and related equipment, enabling them to work with the latest technology and explore innovative printing techniques.

Project involvement: Interns may be involved in hands-on projects, either independently or as part of a team, where they can contribute to the development and implementation of 3D printing solutions.

Required Education Level

Associates Degree / Higher Diploma

Work Mode

Full-time, Part-time, Mixed

Job Responsibilities & Expected Deliverables

Job responsibilities

1. Market Research: You will be expected to conduct market research to identify potential customers, competitors, and industry trends. This research will help the company understand the target market and make informed marketing decisions.

2. Content Creation: You may be involved in creating content for various marketing channels such as social media, website, blogs, and newsletters. This could include writing articles, creating infographics, or producing videos to promote STEM-related products or services.

3. Campaign Development: You might assist in developing marketing campaigns aimed at promoting STEM products or initiatives. This could involve brainstorming ideas, creating marketing materials, coordinating with design teams, and executing campaigns across different platforms.

4. Data Analysis: You may be asked to analyze marketing data and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This analysis will help identify areas for improvement and optimize marketing strategies.

5. Event Planning and Coordination: You might be involved in planning and coordinating STEM-related events such as workshops, conferences, or webinars. This could include tasks like venue selection, speaker coordination, promotion, and logistics management.

6. Collaboration and Support: You will likely work closely with cross-functional teams such as product development, sales, and design to ensure marketing efforts align with overall business goals. You may also provide support in various marketing activities as needed.

The expected impact of a STEM Marketing Internship

1. Increased Awareness: Your marketing efforts can help raise awareness about STEM-related products, services, or initiatives among target audiences, including students, teachers, professionals, or the general public.

2. Engagement and Conversion: Effective marketing campaigns can drive engagement with the target audience and convert leads into customers or participants. This can contribute to the growth and success of STEM-related programs or businesses.

3. Data-Driven Insights: Through data analysis, you can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing strategies and help refine future campaigns for better results.

Talent Cultivation Support to Intern

Mentorship and Guidance: Interns can be assigned mentors who are experienced professionals in the field of STEM marketing or 3D printing. Mentors can provide guidance, share industry insights, and support interns in their learning and professional growth. Regular mentorship sessions can be conducted to discuss projects, set goals, and provide feedback on performance.

Market Research and Analysis: Training can be provided on market research techniques specific to the 3D printing industry. Interns can learn how to conduct market surveys, gather data on customer preferences and behavior, and analyze market trends. This training can help them identify customer needs, develop targeted marketing strategies, and contribute to product development decisions.

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