Blockchain Technology Advocate (Part-time Internship)

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Blockchain Technology Advocate (Part-time Internship)
CryptoBLK Limited
Networking & System Administration
Sha Tin, Hong Kong
7 days ago
Financial Services
Job Description
114 days ago
Job Scope

- Make himself / herself super proficient in deploying, configuring, running, and troubleshooting all kinds of software and hardware systems built by the Abelian Foundation. This includes an Abelian full node, CPU and GPU mining software and hardware, desktop wallet, mobile wallet, mining pool portals, block explorer, etc.

- Promptly answer and follow up with Abelian users on all sorts of technical questions in the Abelian community, mainly on the Abelian Discord server and sometimes on the Telegram channel as well.

- Carry out preliminary troubleshooting on problems reported by users and communicate promptly and effectively with the Abelian tech development team for further support when deemed needed.

- (Bonus) compose and post fun and technical write-ups, articles, videos, tutorials, webinars to introduce and share the knowledge of using Abelian to the public, minimizing the entry barrier of the public to use Abelian, and arousing interest to existing users in learning more about how to use all the tools and systems of Abelian


- computer science or related technical background

- Passionate on being hands-on to learn, investigate and try out everything related to the software tools and hardware gadgets of Abelian

- Excellent writing skills in English and Chinese

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